5 Reasons why Intimacy should be your #1 Relationship Goal.

5 Reasons why Intimacy should be your #1 Relationship Goal.

When I think about the things that I was taught growing up, intimacy was not one of them.  I learned (mostly from friends) about falling in love, marriage, couples, drugs, dating and sex but not intimacy.  For many people the word intimacy is the same intercourse, for example, you might hear someone say, "We were intimate with each other last night."  Even though intimacy is the foundation of a deep and fulfilling connection between couples, we hardly hear about it.

Intimacy is complex, it goes beyond physical attraction and encompasses emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bonds. Today the the different ways couples spend time together makes intimacy easier - or so it seems.  Technology and human evolution was supposed to make people closer - we are constantly connected - we can text, snap, message, whatapp, FaceTime, zoom, and there is so much to do.  Yet, divorce rates are higher than it the 1970s, people change partners quicker and you can find a new partner as fast as you can swipe right.  What are we missing? The answer is Intimacy.

Let's explore why investing in intimacy is essential for a thriving relationship.

  1. Strengthening Emotional Connection: Intimacy allows you to build a strong emotional bond with your partner. It involves being vulnerable, sharing fears, dreams, and insecurities. Intimacy gives you the opportunity to create a safe space where they can express their authentic selves without judgment. This emotional connection nurtures trust, understanding, and compassion, leading to a more resilient relationship.

  2. Enhancing Communication: Intimacy plays a vital role in effective communication between partners. It encourages open dialogue, active listening, and understanding each other's needs. When you value intimacy, you create an environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, desires, and fears. This fosters better conflict resolution, increased empathy, and deeper connection.

  3. Fostering Physical and Sexual Satisfaction: Intimacy should encompasses physical and sexual aspects of a relationship.  It involves exploring and understanding each other's desires, fears, boundaries, and fantasies. Heightened pleasure and increased satisfaction can be achieved when you prioritize physical touch, affection ahead of orgasm.  

  4. Promoting Relationship Growth: Intimacy empowers couples to grow as a unit, a duo, a team. It encourages personal and relationship development by promoting self-discovery, self-awareness, and personal growth. being intimate means you can learn from each other, challenge yourselves to overcome obstacles, and celebrate achievements together. This growth-oriented mindset creates a dynamic and fulfilling partnership.

  5. Cultivating a Lasting Connection: Empowering oneself with intimacy cultivates a lasting connection that withstands the test of time. As life evolves and relationships face challenges, intimacy acts as an anchor, keeping you connected during difficult times. By nurturing intimacy, you and your partner create a strong bond that supports you through the ups and downs of life, ensuring your relationship remains fulfilling and resilient.

Take the time, get the absolute most out of your relationship.  We all try so hard with our kids, our careers, our finances, our homes, our bodies, our food.  Start your journey today, there are several self discovery journals on Amazon (here is our favorite).

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