About US


Hello we are Sherry and Michael.  We founded Queen Green to help you make intimacy a daily habit by using our products in your existing routines.  Our goal is to guide our customers from self discovery towards Sexual Wellness and unlocking new pathways towards inspiring desire in your life.

Premium Intimacy Solutions

Queen Green encourages an invigorating and fresh outlook on intimacy, guiding individuals along a holistic journey to discover their true Sexual Wellness potential. Our Premium Intimacy Solutions are crafted from long-standing traditions for ultimate purity without sacrificing effectiveness;  no binders, thickeners, fillers or any other unnecessary additives - only natural botanicals with zero animal testing involved!

Beyond Sexual Wellness

At Queen Green, we celebrate the beauty of self-discovery and Sexual Wellness . We offer a range of premium intimacy solutions crafted to perfectly fit each person’s unique needs.   Let us help you inspire desire in your life and luxuriate in all the pleasure you were meant to experience.

Purposeful Products

  • Premium Ingredients

    Our commitment to you is unwavering. We source only top-tier ingredients so your body can be nourished and refreshed in a safe, natural way – just like we do for ourselves!

  • Products with a conscience

    From packaging to delivery, we think about sustainability.  Queen Green is named in honor of Mother Earth and we aim to respect her when we do business.  Sustainable packaging, low emission manufacturing,  sustainable raw material sourcing, low carbon shipping and environmentally friendly practices are important to our business.

  • We support women

    By purchasing from us, you are helping to make a difference! 10% of our sales goes directly toward Lucy Leaks Inc., an incredible non-profit fighting period poverty. Visitwww.lucyleaks.orgfor more information on how you can get involved in this mission and help create lasting change!

Our Story


Growing up in an insular, Asian-Caribbean home and attending a conservative all girl's Catholic convent meant that I had no proper introduction to sex wellness.   Living in a male centric world meant that little was being thought to regular women about this topic and trying to learn about sexual pleasure was done through furtive late night sessions of secret reading and watching porn - although enlightening, it left something missing from my understanding.   What was lacking in my life was intimacy.  

When I met Michael in 2018  we created the Queen Green lifestyle  -  using self discovery, self care and nutrition opened me up to the incredible power of intimacy which ultimately gave new meaning both mentally & physically towards taking ownership over my own sexual health.