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To empower individuals to take control of their sexual wellness through self-discovery, nutrition and self-care.

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"The Self Discovery Journal was a perfect gift for my Bridal Party. It came beautifully packaged and everyone loved it."



"I can't believe how much I learned from this Journal. The the prompts are inspiring, and it's a wonderful addition to my evening routine.




"I bought this book because it was highly recommended to my by a friend. It was very informative and I feel anyone could get some good tips from reading it.




"An Amazing book - I am so happy I gifted this book to myself! The daily prompts help me to focus on the things that I truly enjoyed. The weekly physical and mental checkins remind me to take care of myself and I love the valuable weekly prompts."




"I really like that it is a work book not just a Journal with things to do. There are so many pages in this book that I have to write on or even draw on"




"This book helped me come out of a depressive time in my life that lasted a year and a half." I have learned how to have great mornings, how to calm my racing thoughts and so much more. Thank you Queen Green."




"I like this book, and found it very helpful. Shipping was very fast and the book was in good condition. Overall I’m happy. "




"I found myself engaged from the first chapter and over the next 2 weeks (taking my time to absorb each chapter and do all the suggested exercises) I started noticing changes in my life attitude. Things I've wanted to do for years seemed more possible and I felt like I really got to know myself more - what makes me think, act and make the choices I do"





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